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  • White Premium Laminated Paper: Is one of our customer favorites! White laminated with a durable multi-purpose use, great label for most any application. Your design will look amazing on this material. Waterproof BOPP: Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, type of plastic that is resistant to oil, water and moisture, the white BOPP label material is ideal for any product that may be exposed to such elements. Ideal for bottles, health, cosmetic and chemical applications Clear BOPP: Transparent, sticks well to numerous surface and waterproof! It is a great way to get your brand noticed! When you apply it, clear BOPP appears as no label, which lets your product look amazing. Silver Metallic BOPP: The material is the same as our White BOPP and Clear BOPP, same properties water and oil-resistant, but has the “mirror-like” to get refined and elegant look to your label and product.

  • Gloss Laminated: Vibrant colors, better image contrast. Matte Laminated: reflects very little, almost no light. Matte lamination can flatten colors.

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  • Min: 1Max: 12

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  • Durable materials.
  • Full-Color label printing for no additional cost.
  • Custom shape & size labels.