What would you do with a year’s worth of free customized labels? Imagine creating your own design and customizing the colors to match your party decorations. You can create your own design elements or use one of our pre-made templates. Custom Labels Depot mixes their own colors of ink for a truly customized look. Custom Labels is giving away “Free Labels for a Year” to one lucky winner.

Here at Custom Labels Depot, we would like to help you make your parties festive with a creative touch to create a perfect look for your parties all year long. Take advantage of a great opportunity and maybe you will be the winner of our “Win Free Labels for a Year” contest.

Here Are Some Great Label Ideas


Ring in the New Year

Throw a rocking New Years Eve Party complete with customized labels on wine bottles. These can also serve as a great memento for your guests from your big bash. In February don’t forget about your sweet heart on Valentine’s Day. Make your party special with customized labels on all your color coordinated sweets for your heart themed party.

Wedding Season

Wedding season typically starts in April. We also see an increase in bridal showers and bachelor parties. Create your own unique customized label designs for all of these events in the upcoming months. Customized labels can make your wedding as lavish or as casual as you would like. Just browse our labels to get a feel for what designs you favor.


In summertime, we usually see plenty of graduation parties in which you can have matching décor and customized labels to help your new grad celebrate. Summer also brings backyard B.B.Q.’s and grilling parties giving you the opportunity to create customized beer labels for your bash.


Back to School

Labels for kids to have for all of their school supplies are a great idea to make customizing their items easy. Teachers love creative ways to label classroom supplies and these make great customized gifts for teachers to use in the classroom.

End of the Year Celebrations

Holidays can be exciting, especially if you like baking delicious deserts and sweets for your family and friends. Use customized labels to create special table presentations to match your holiday party décor. Get creative with customized centerpieces and more using customized labels and your parties can be the talk of the town all year long.

At Custom Labels Depot we have personalized labels to customize your party and make it shine. We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality products at great prices. Visit our online store or contact us today! You can also reach out to us via our social media channels.

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  1. I am getting married in 2016 and would love love love to have a year of free labels. I’d design 1 label to go with the overall theme of my wedding & use them for my bridal shower, save the dates & wedding invitations!!!!!

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