What are your plans to celebrate Memorial Day this year? Memorial Day is an American holiday that allows us to reflect upon the sacrifices that fallen service members have made for our freedom. Cities across the country will honor these fallen heroes with parades and memorial services in remembrance. It is traditionally a time when families get together to celebrate by going to the beach or a park on an outing that includes a B.B.Q. and some fun in the sun.

Memorial Day also represents the unofficial start of summer, making it the perfect time to enjoy some quality family time. So, take advantage of this time to relax and enjoy some time with family and friends. If you will be welcoming this three-day holiday weekend by hosting a party or a B.B.Q. here are some tips to help you plan the perfect get together.

Here Are a Few Tips for Planning Your Own Event

Position American flags at half-staff

If you have an American flag it should be flown at half-staff from sunrise until noon then raised to the top from noon to sunset.

Create a plan

If you plan to be outdoors make sure to check the weather forecast.

Send out invites or notify guests

If this will be more of a casual get together you can skip the invites, but make sure to remember to notify everyone you would like to join you for your gathering of the date, time and place.

Purchase your partyware and decorations

Look for patriotic or bright festive colors and don’t forget, you can use custom labels for decorations for any party or get together.

Memorial Day BBQ Tips

Plan your food

Make sure you plan and purchase all your grocery items for grilling. Don’t forget the watermelon, because no Memorial Day celebration is complete without a watermelon.

Before the party

Make sure you remember to fill the cooler with drinks and ice a few hours before your guests start arriving so, you can have cold drinks available to them.

The cookout

Make sure you designate a cook to watch over the food being cooked.

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