Every girl would love a day of pampering, especially when she can share the experience with her girlfriends. With a little creativity, you can throw your birthday girl a spa-themed party her friends will talk about for years to come.

Here Are Some Tips to Plan the Perfect Spa Birthday Party

Get Creative with Invites                

Invites are a chance for you to surprise the girls and set the tone for the party. Some ideas include: Creating a customized label sticker listing the party information and adhering it to a compact mirror or a mini carry basket stuffed with a few spa items like a bottle of polish and a mini nail file.

How to Throw a Spa Party

Get Creative with Decorations

Coordinating the usual decor and tableware is great but you can also get more creative. Why not utilize some of the spa items in your party decorations. You can have a tray with rolled up face towels stacked and tied with a ribbon or nail polish bottles in coordinating colors. Clear containers work great filled with nail files, cotton balls or make up and placing them around your decorated tables. This will allow for easy access once you are ready to use the items.

Food Can Be Fun

In addition to the main course you will be serving for the party, why not add a touch of fun to the food by incorporating finger foods that go along with the theme. You could make fancy fruit cups, chocolate dipped pretzels or even have a chocolate fountain with strawberries, marshmallows and cookies for dipping.

Fun Party Activities

Set the mood for the party by playing soft music. Set up a table with individual stations for each girl. At each station be sure to include a mirror, a bowl of warm water and a face towel. This will allow everyone to put on their face scrubs or masks together. This can be followed up by applying make-up and hair styling. You can also have separate stations for nail painting, facials or a relaxing massage.

Party Favors to Remember

At the end of the party don’t forget to pass out the favors. You can create a gift bag or box with a customized sticker label that thanks them for coming to the party. Stuff them with spa goodies like nail polish, scented face scrub, hand or bath soap or any special little spa items you can find.

There are so many creative ideas for having a spa themed party and the possibilities are endless. As long as you use your creativity and imagination, the girls will have a great time! The most important thing is that your special birthday girl gets to share her special day with her friends.

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