Your closest friends: Your bridesmaids. A bridesmaid’s relationship is extremely especial to every bride. They know your likes and dislikes. Bridesmaids are being trusted with details of the most important day in your life. You should choose to give them a special bridesmaid gift. Why not make their gift as unique as they are? Gifts for bridesmaids can range from a simple piece of jewelry to customized robes and everything in between. The possibilities are endless. So, how do you select that perfect gift?

If you’re a bride to be, every bridesmaid holds a special place in your heart. It doesn’t matter of what gift you choose as long as it comes from you. They will be sure to love it. Because the gift was well-thought out and especially selected for your bridesmaids.

Here Are A Few Gift Ideas Your Bridesmaids Are Sure To Love

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Gift of Pampering

Consider treating your bridesmaids for a spa day. Coordinate a date and time for a spa day together with all your bridesmaids or choose to give them a spa gift certificate. Either way you go on this one, your bridesmaids will be grateful for some relaxation.

Personalized Gifts

Customized gift ideas can range from giving them a their favorite bottle of wine or a unique glass jar with their favorite scented candle complete with a personalized label and a bow. One of the most popular gifts seen on many bridal lists is a custom embroidered bath robe. This can be any quality, color or material you chose. Just remember to make sure the fabric you choose can in fact be embroidered. Embroidery can be as simple as one monogrammed initial or their entire name. This is a gift that can be used for years to come.

Gift of Jewelry

Thinking of just giving a small token of appreciation to your bridesmaids? Jewelry is always a popular choice. Why not chose a simple necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings to coordinate with their wedding dress? This gift serves dual purposes as it can be worn at your big day for a consistent and classy look, and it serves as a special keepsake for your bridesmaids.

Last but not least, remember the presentation of the gift itself. Choose a box, bag or creative container to give your gift in and add a customized sticker label to give your gift that added flare!

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