The food you choose can make or break the impressions your guests have of your event. You want to provide unique items, while catering to people with differing tastes. Appetizers, in particular, give you flexibility to be creative and offer many options. When preparing the menu for your next gathering, consider some of these exciting and delicious starters.

Bite-Sized Starters

Small finger foods are perfect for parties because they allow guests sample different choices while mingling. Take a look and try some of these bites at your upcoming party!

Food Skewers


Food Skewers Make Great Party Appetizers

Skewers and Kabobs are portable and versatile. There are so many delectable recipes for this type of appetizer. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Appetizer Party Dips

When all else fails, serve dip. Include crackers, chips or veggies to go along with it too. The following dips are all good go-to’s.

Whether you are having the event catered or cooking food yourself, decide which recipes speak to you and the type of event you are throwing. If you are wondering how much food to have available, think about how hearty your chosen appetizers are. A good rule of thumb is to round up. Will you be serving dinner in addition to your starters? If not, allot for each person to sample about 10 pieces. Allow for three to six pieces each if there is a meal to follow.

Have an idea of what you will be serving at your next event? Which recipe was your favorite? Tell us by commenting below or on our social media channels.

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