We designed our website and label designer to make creating custom labels easy. In addition, we want to make sure our customers have all the resources needed to create perfect labels. Below you’ll find instructions for using our label designer along with helpful tips for creating a custom label. If you do have trouble using our service, please contact our friendly customer service team for assistance at (800) 673-LABELS or (407) 459-7612.

Product Designer Key


  1. Select a layer
  2. Select a color.
  3. Text editor.
  4. Change font.
  5. Change the alignment and style of the selected font layer.
  6. Curve text.
  7. Change the arrangement of layer or delete.
  8. Upload an image from your computer.
  9. Add custom text.
  10. Zoom in on the label.
  11. Zoom out.
  12. Reset zoom level to default.
  13. Start over – this will reset the label to its original state.

Selecting a Layer

Each label is comprised of layers. To change a layer, first select it from the dropdown menu.

Selecting a Layer in the Custom Labels Depot Product Designer

Using Controls

Once selected, layers can be moved, resized, or rotated using controls.

Using Controls in The Product Designer

Change Color

If the chosen layer has the option to change color, the “Filling” selector box will appear. Pick a color, then click the “Choose” button to see the new color appear in the editor.

Pick a Color in the Product Designer

Change Text

If the selected layer is text, the font and styles section will appear. Use the text box to change the example text as needed.

Change the Text in the Product Designer

Add Curved Text

To create curved text, click the green arrow under the “Curved Text” section. Use the “Radius” and “Spacing” controls to create the best curve. To revert back to normal text, click the red “X” button. To reverse the curve, click the “Reverse” button.

Adding Curved Text in the Product Designer

Deleting a layer

To delete a layer, click the red trash can icon under the “Adjust Layer” section.

Add a Custom Image

To add a personal image, click the image icon at the top of the editor. Select the image from your computer (note: images should be smaller than 8000px x 8000px). The image will appear in the label editor stage. Use the controls to mover, resize or rotate the image.

To delete the image, click the trash can icon.

Adding an Image in the Product Designer

Add Custom Text

To add a custom text, click the “A” add text button. Double click to change the text, use the controls to resize, rotate, or move as needed.

Adding Text in the Product Designer

Choose the Quantity

Below the product designer, you will see our pricing sheet and the option to adjust the amount of labels you would like to order. Our labels are discounted as the quantity increases. If you buy more, you will save more. Change the quantity of labels you would like to purchase by entering an amount or clicking the plus and minus signs.

Add Your Label to the Cart

Add to Cart

Once you are happy with your label design and have selected the amount you’d like to order, click “Add to Cart.” Then finalize your order by entering your shipping and payment information.

How do you like the label designer? We appreciate your feedback. If you do have problems, please contact our customer service department at (800) 673-LABELS or (407) 459-7612.

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