Football season is in full swing across the nation. It’s an exhilarating time of year and a great excuse to meet up with friends over the weekend. Whether you throw get-togethers on Saturdays and Sundays or tailgate in front of the stadium, there are many delicious snack ideas and cheer-worthy decorations every football fan will love!

Cool Drinks for Football Season

What’s a tailgate without beer and cold drinks? And every party needs refreshments! Take the spirit for your favorite teams even further with personalized labels. Don’t forget throw some water bottles in your cooler to stay hydrated. Customize both your beer and water bottles however you’d like by visiting our beverage label section or by uploading your own artwork.

Football-Shaped Treats and Labels

Football-Themed Snacks for your Viewing Party

We’ve seen all sorts of delicious and extraordinarily-designed snacks in the shape of footballs. Think cakes, deviled eggs, chocolate-covered strawberries, cookies, dips, miniature hot dogs and even football-shaped cheese balls! Labeling each of these items with description cards is a nice touch.

Snack stadiums filled with dips, chips and other tailgate food have become very popular at football parties. If you haven’t seen a snack stadium before, take a look at this list of incredible football stadiums made of snacks. Creative bakers can even make treats in the shape of helmets and jerseys!

Football Themed Décor

To decorate for game day, step one is to fill your house with team colors. Use them in streamers, hanging banners and balloons. Mile-marker table runners, small footballs, DIY PVC goal posts and flags are good go-tos. You can also have a lot of fun with referee stripes and team logos, too!

What is your favorite football team? Are you tailgating or throwing a game viewing party any time soon? Share your plans with us by commenting below or on social media.

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