Having a bridal shower gives the bride a chance to celebrate her upcoming nuptials before the big day. With all the commotion of the wedding day, it is nice to have a more relaxed celebration to enjoy the days leading up to the wedding with friends and family. At Custom Labels Depot, we’ve seen a variety of bridal shower favors and want to share some of our favorites.

Ideas for Tins and Jars

As we’ve said in previous articles, jars and tins make wonderful party favors. Stuff them with candy, beverages or even honey. There are endless options to choose from when filling them. This popcorn kernel idea with the label inscription, “Thanks For Popping By,” is amusing and tasty for guests. We also like the idea of providing custom labeled lip balm tins for the ladies to take with them.

“Shower” Themed Items

Create Shower-Themed Favors for Your Bridal Shower

Another creative favor is to utilize the concept of the “shower,” and give attendees favors they can actually use in their own showers. Think bath salts, shower scrubs and pretty soaps! Let’s face it, most women love nicely scented spa and bath products. Consider gifting soothing candles and designed candle holders as well. You have many options to personalize these items by placing them in decorative boxes or wrappings.

Everything for Beverages

When throwing a bridal shower, you can’t go wrong by providing favors for beverages, alcoholic or not. Customize mugs, koozies, wine stoppers or glasses with a special message, symbol or the bride’s initials. If you are celebrating the bridal shower at home, serve drinks in a glass they can take home. Or, skip the glasses and provide bottles instead. We’ve seen miniature bottles of champagne, wine, beer and Limoncello. Special-labeled bottles also make nice bridesmaids gifts for each member of the bridal party.

Other Trinkets for your Big Day

How about providing your guests with something they can use during your big day? Depending on the time of year and weather in your area, bridal shower guests may appreciate having blankets, umbrellas or sunglasses during the wedding and reception. Women will be very grateful to have items like flip flops to change into or a compact pocket mirror to check their makeup.

Are you throwing a shower for the bride to be? Have you chosen the favors? Share your plans with us on our social media channels.

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