At Custom Labels Depot, we are proud to be working with the latest and most updated technology, the IPT Digital JFlex870 digital print conversion system and the Colordyne Technologies’ (CDT) Product Class digital printing press!

In February, Labels and Labeling magazine featured IPT Digital installing the JFlex870 system in our facility. The JFlex870 uses Memjet inkjet with four print heads for CMYK color. There is also an optional fifth print head available for spot color.

This new piece of technology operates at extremely high speeds. According to the Labels and Labeling article, “Each print head contains 70,400 print nozzles firing three billion dots per second/12.4 kHz. The result is 225ft/min of 8.64in or 17in wide print with a resolution of 1,600 x 1,375dpi.”

In less than six months with the machine, our team printed over one million labels, and we only run the machine a couple days a week. The speed and quality of this machine, coupled with its ability to print widths of up to 17 in. is truly impressive.

Custom Labels Depot Printing Labels

Our additional printer is a part of the Colordyne Production Class line, which was recently upgraded to offer exciting new capabilities. CDT recently announced its ability to provide barcode scanning and printing in the Colordyne Production Class line.

According to a press release, “The Laser Pro’s ability to add high-end color graphics and high density variable barcodes at the quick speeds of the Colordyne equipment keeps us in a great position to expand our offerings for our customers.”

The Colordyne Production Class line is known for its high resolution and fast speed, but these upgrades aim to set it apart from the competition. At Custom Labels Depot, we are working to update our CDT machine and will soon be able to offer the same barcode options to our customers.

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