Nothing can compare to the joy of having a baby, which means such event is certainly worth sharing with family and friends. Baby showers give soon-to-be moms a chance to gather with their close friends and family before their baby is born. And let’s face it; it might be a while before they have any time to socialize on a large scale again! If you are starting to plan your baby shower, here are three decorating ideas for you to consider.

1. DIY Centerpieces

These can be used as a decoration item and as a gift for your guests. The following example starts with a glass vase with blue chocolate drops and Whirly pops inside. The last touch is a custom label on the outside. While you don’t have to confine yourself to this idea, you can always have a vase filled with decorative stones or an elegant candle. However, because it is a special occasion, a custom label to reflect the theme of your baby shower will make this decoration item more memorable.

2. Cloth Swaddle Babies

Baby Shower Ideas

Nothing says baby shower like baby-based decorations. Once again, they are perfect to set a theme during the event, but they’re also adorable ideas for a guest gifts. For those who really go all out on the DIY décor, this is a good one. This initial idea requires a blanket, but you can also buy a piece of fabric to make miniature versions of the swaddle babies. Essentially, you fold the square cloth into a triangle, stuff the small middle section and sew it into a rectangle, which will be the body. Then, you sew the head to the body, which you can stuff and make on your own as well. Finally, you swaddle the baby with the rest of the cloth.

3. Decorative Water Bottles

As a soon-to-be mom, you are not going to be drinking any alcoholic beverages. So, make it a healthy baby shower and give out water bottles with custom labels instead. Why settle for a boring old branded bottle, when you can showcase the theme of your event in something as simple as a water bottle?

These are just a few decorations to get the ideas flowing for your perfect baby shower. Have you seen any other pieces of decoration that you would like to use for your own shower? Share them with us on our social media channels!

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