As a labeling business based in Orlando, Fla. we are obviously big fans of pool parties! There’s no better way to beat the heat, enjoy time with friends and take in the summer sun. When planning a pool party, whether it’s for adults or kids, there are some must-haves and fun ideas to make it a success.

Pool Party Must Haves

Cold Drinks

Cold refreshments are at the top of our pool party must-have list! Water and soft drinks are important to have on hand so children (and parents) can stay hydrated. And for adults, beer and fruity drinks are always a hit! Labeling liquor, beer and water bottles is an easy and creative way to play with the pool party theme. Don’t forget ice and the cooler!

Snacks and Food

Preparing food and snacks for your pool party guests is definitely a necessity. Picnic or buffet style, you can’t go wrong. With entire Pinterest boards dedicated to outdoor entertaining, you have so many presentation and preparation options! Fire up the grill to make burgers, chicken or veggies! You can also offer your guests refreshing options like popsicles, fruit or salad. And if you’re daring enough to provide children with candy, we love this idea! Use Twizzlers for “noodles,” Lifesavers as “inner tubes” and gum balls (or any circular sweet) as beach balls!

Activity Stations

We realize that swimming in the pool is an activity, but having activity stations set up at your child’s birthday party adds additional options for entertainment. Make applying sunscreen fun with an SPF station! Floating rafts, beach balls and toys make another great station, as do game and craft areas! Get creative when labeling your food and beverage areas. Consider having a place for attendees to store their towels and beach bags, too.

Favors and Decorations

Decorations for Your Outdoor Party

Just like any party, decorations and favors are important to consider. For night-time parties, take advantage of candles, lanterns, tiki torches and hanging lights. Every beach or pool-themed party needs some tunes! Create a themed playlist and give labeled CDs out to your guests as favors! Labeled goodie bags filled with sun and swim-related items are always a reliable go-to. Fill them with items like sunglasses, towels, flip flops, sunscreen, buckets, or even gold fish!

When is your next pool party and who is it for? We’d love to hear your ideas on our social media channels!

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