Wedding anniversaries are a special time to celebrate your love and commitment with your spouse. However, it can be challenging to come up with fresh gift ideas for your loved year after year. Those who have been married or dating for a long time can attest to this! For your next anniversary, do something different than the standard flowers and date night. Surprise your spouse with some of these uniquely personalized gift ideas.

CDs and DVDs

Custom CDs and DVDs are an incredibly personal anniversary gift, allowing you to pick your favorite songs or captured moments. Perhaps even pull moments from your wedding or home videos. Presenting either of these to your spouse on your anniversary is sure to be a hit!

Labeled Trinkets

This year, consider the following labeled trinkets for your sweetie. Purchase customized perfume or cologne from a perfume shop. Pick the scents that remind you of him or her and then add one of our labels for an extra special touch! Or, as we said in our Father’s Day article, a bag tag is perfect for the golf fan or avid traveler.

Wine and Beverage Labels

Wine lends well to a romantic date night with your spouse. And adding a unique label to a bottle of wine is a present you can both enjoy. Pick out his or her favorite bottle and make it your own with our wine labels! Is you man more of a beer guy? Or, does you woman prefer not to drink alcohol? No problem! We have a variety of beer, soft drink and water bottle labels to accommodate all tastes!

Food Gift Basket

Who wouldn’t like their favorite dishes or treats prepared on their anniversary? A gift basket full of goodies is the perfect gift, especially if you like to bake or cook! Take your basket on a picnic date if you want too! We recommend using jars or containers to store the food. This way they can be easily labeled with a special message, photo or design.

Is your anniversary coming up? How do you plan to celebrate and what will you get your spouse? Tell us on our social media channels.

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