It’s summertime and party throwing is easy. This is the perfect time of year to throw an outdoor get-together for friends and family. Why not take your party up a notch with customized labels? We have some fabulous ideas for incorporating them into your backyard bash.

Labeled Beverages

As we mentioned in our Fourth of July article, cold drinks are a must for any summer party. You just can’t forget them in this July heat. Beer and water bottle labels are a fun way to make your drinks special and tailored to your theme. Want your party to be sophisticated and chic? Wine labels are a fantastic way to add that extra touch.

Labeled Decorations

Lanterns for Your Outdoor Party

From vases to buckets, we can label it all! With labels, print something unique on your centerpieces, create personalized place cards or write your guests’ names on individual glasses so there’s no drink mix-up! You can also add them to your hanging lanterns or your S’Mores campfire skewers. These ideas are simple, but allow you to liven up your party while expressing your creative side.

Labeled Favors

Labeled Box of Candy

Miniature sunscreen, lip balm containers and bug spray cans are some of our favorite favor ideas. Who couldn’t use those items during the summertime? Candy jars, mint tins and take-home leftover boxes are other options that can be easily labeled and adored by your company.

Are you throwing a summertime celebration? What are your ideas so far? Comment below or tell us on our social media channels.

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